Emler Swim Schools

Austin, Texas

PGa has designed state-of-the-art swim schools across the Nation for Emler Swim Schools. These facilities feature saltwater pools, which are small and comfortably shallow with a maximum 4-foot depth. Pools are heated to 90 degrees year-round. Also featured is cutting-edge air filtration systems which continuously expel stale air and replace it with 100% pure, fresh air at a rate of over eight times per hour. Additionally, dehumidifiers with antimicrobial filters and controls enable staff to maintain a healthy humidity level that reduces the survival of bacteria and viruses creating a safe environment for everyone – even children who have respiratory problems such as asthma. The Swim Centers also include high-quality UV water purification systems to keep water in the pools clear and pure. A separate, air-conditioned observation room with seating and floor-to-ceiling glass walls allows parents and family to keep a watchful eye as their children swim.

Emler Swim School
Cost varies for each site, typically between
$1.1 - $1.8 Million.