Psychiatric Emergency Department
University Medical Center at Brackenridge

Austin, Texas

Project includes renovation of an existing Labor/Delivery Nursing Unit on the second floor of the existing hospital to create a new Emergency Psychiatric Department (15,000 sq.ft.). Scope of work includes a dedicated public walk-in corridor leading to the main Psychiatric ED security check-in desk, seven (7) consult/assessment rooms, a new patient/family waiting room, ten (10) private patient observation rooms, a patient dayroom, a second check-in desk dedicated for police transfer of patients and other related support spaces. The newly renovated space also includes offices for a new Austin Police Department (APD) substation.

The exterior of the building will be modified to create a new police drop-off lane and an existing courtyard will be renovated to secure the outdoor space. The new drop off lane will provide an area for police vehicles to park for an extended amount of time. In order to transfer patients from the new drive up to the new APD entry, new stairs and a ramp will be included in the site work. A new steel canopy will be attached to the building to cover the newly created APD entry. The existing courtyard will be remodeled with new planting beds, new patient-safe vegetation, and a new wall to act as a barrier from the adjacent street. The added wall will contain a security gate that will remain locked except in case of power loss or fire alarm activation. A new handicapped accessible path will be created from the street to the new gate.

Seton Family of Hospitals
Estimated Completion Date
March 2014