Our History

Polkinghorn Group Architects, Inc. maintains its consistent reputation for excellence in client service by producing quality projects on schedule and within budget.

Over a history spanning four decades, we have completed more than 1,200 architectural projects totaling more than $1 billion in construction costs.

Approach to client service

We approach architectural planning and design as a highly interactive process. Our process excels by actively soliciting information and ideas from those who will be involved and affected by the project. We could not be truly responsive to our clients if we did not make them an integral part of the design process. Our clients are our best source of design inspiration, and we listen carefully to their desires and needs.

As a professional service firm, Polkinghorn Group Architects, Inc. is fundamentally dedicated to client satisfaction. Our definition of a successful design solution is one that responds intelligently, efficiently and creatively to the client's unique set of practical and human needs, aesthetic preferences, site and contextual considerations, and scheduling and budget requirements. Above all we labor to create works of architecture that will serve our clients for many years to come.

We are proud that our firm has earned the continued trust of valued clients. They can count on quality work that will meet their future needs.